Saturday Sitters

Saturday Sitters is a unique recreation and respite care opportunity for children 0-5 years with or at risk of developmental delays and their siblings up to age 12.  Families must be receiving services from Hanover County Public Schools’ special education preschool or early intervention services.  Saturday Sitters is available through a partnership of The Arc of Hanover, Hanover Co. Public Schools and Dept. of Parks & Recreation.  Contact your child’s teacher if your family wants to participate.

Our son, Henry, is a happy guy, but he is also what some might euphemistically call a “handful.”  So having access to Saturday Sitters has been a godsend to us.  We know that in SS, Henry is with people who are patient, caring, and attentive.  My husband and I cherish the time we have together as a result of SS.  We get a chance to bond and unwind.  Yes, Saturday Sitters has helped our marriage!” Gwen Smith, Mechanicsville