Help For Individuals & Families

The Arc is committed to providing families and self-advocates with the best information, resources, services and supports to support them throughout their lives.  Hanover  Arc helps individuals, families and professionals by providing information about a variety of community resources including public and private organizations.  When parents first learn that their child has a developmental disability/delay, the need for support is tremendous and throughout the lifespan information and access to resources is critical.  Hanover Arc will help guide you to supports, resources and services.

Hanover Arc’s Services and Supports

If you or a family member need assistance with Resource Navigation, Adaptive Equipment, Recreation, Respite Care, Educational Scholarships or other needs click

Click Here for Hanover Arc’s Services and Supports.

Services for Infants and Toddlers

Are you concerned your child is not developing as quickly as other children? If you have questions about your child’s development or if your child has a developmental disability and you would like to learn if your child could receive services then there is a program in Virginia that can provide you with the support you need.  Click here for information.

Medicaid Waivers – NOT based on family income

Do you have a family member who needs assistance to live successfully?  A variety of services are available through Medicaid Waivers including respite, residential, assistive technology, nursing, supported employment etc. To find out more about Medicaid Waivers contact Hanover Arc for details and visit this link.

Workshops and Community Education:

The Arc frequently offers workshops on topics such as estate planning, transition planning, Medicaid Waivers and adaptive communication. In addition, staff members of The Arc frequently present workshops at local conferences and partners with other agencies to present information to the community.

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